The Team

Jeffrey Dalton

Architect / UX & Visual Design / Theme Developer : Jeffrey Dalton Design Inc.

CEO and founder of Jeffrey Dalton Design Inc. Jeffrey has been working in web technology for almost a decade and brings a user-centered approach to Drupal design with a strong focus on standards based development.

Jeffrey has extensive experience in deep level custom Drupal theming as it should be done, by bridging hybrid skills from User Experience Design, Information Architecture, Interaction Design, Visual Design, and user interface development. This hybrid interdisciplinary approach not only saves countless cycles and project dollars but also produces cleaner more usable applications.

Kevin Millecam

Architect / Project Manager / Community Manager : WebWise Solutions

Managing a successful web community is a full-time endeavor. It takes commitment to build (and maintain) a community that keeps users coming back time and again for more of what you have to offer. A good community is a living, growing source of information and services that needs constant care and feeding.

Kevin's company has been providing community upkeep and maintenance for nearly a decade. Kevin brings years of Drupal expertise and the exerience of running multiple large scale Drupal based user community websites to each project. If you have the smarts to run a community but not the time to sweat the details, (and manage the upgrades, format the HTML, moderate the activity, fix the broken links) Kevin can help.

Ben Durbin

Artchitect / Developer / Trainer : Tabs & Spaces Inc.

For over a decade, Ben has been a member and leader of technology teams in the San Francisco Bay Area. Through his consulting service, Ben works with clients to architect and deliver solutions that allow them to achieve their online strategy goals using a variety of cutting edge web tools and platforms.

As the array of tools available to bring to bear on a web project continues to grow, clients look to Ben and his partners to help them cut through the noise and find a solution that is going to allow thier projects to succeed from the intial planning stages through ongoing maintenance after launch.

Ben brings a wealth of Drupal development knowledge to the team both in architecture, coding, and training for our clients. With expertise both in industry best practices and "the drupal way" Ben is an invaluable addition to any custom Drupal undertaking.

Jeremy Andrews

Performance & Scalability Developer : Tag1 Consulting, Inc.

Jeremy has been a core Drupal contributor since early 2002. His hobby web site,, was the first online community to push Drupal to scale beyond its modest beginnings and to achieve popular recognition as a competitive CMS solution. Many of his patches have been merged into core, improving Drupal's caching layer, optimizing Drupal's bootstrap process, improving database queries, and generally improving Drupal's overall performance. He has given seminars on Drupal performance and scalability, both in person and over the Internet.

Tag1 Consulting, Inc was founded in 2007, focusing on continually improving the performance of Drupal powered websites. They have been publicly recognized by Drupal's creator as being among the very best at what they do. Tag1 takes the holistic approach to scalability which includes designing and improving the infrastructure, tuning the network and LAMP stack (including *BSD), optimizing existing code and database queries, integrating third party search solutions, and improving cache performance.

Drupalized Clients